How two customers reduced their energy spend by thousands – without changing a thing

Did you know that due to the complexity of modern billing systems, it’s almost impossible for energy retailers to ensure 100% accuracy on energy bills? As a result, bills often contain errors that can be very costly to businesses. And usually, these errors go unnoticed.

Unless of course, Utilacor is involved.

Here’s what happened to one of our customers

A Victorian water board engaged us to help them reduce their energy costs. And in the very first month, we discovered a billing error that had resulted in a 12% overcharge across their 14 sites.

After we discovered this discrepancy, we addressed it directly with our customer’s retailer and supported the findings with irrefutable evidence.

From this point on, our client’s energy bills were $10,000 lower each month. This saving was on top of the lump sum they received once we recovered the overcharges from previous months.

So what’s the secret to our success?

Okay, so it isn’t really a secret. But it is unique.

We call it kWatch® – a proprietary software system that gives us the data we need.

Custom built by Utilacor, kWatch® acquires a direct feed from the meter and compares individual bills against actual rates (including contract rates, market pass-through rates and network charges). If an error is identified, our engineers investigate and determine its source before following up with third parties.

In the case of our local council customer, the billing error was due to an incorrect setup in their retailer’s system. So had we not picked it up, our customer would have overpaid for the remainder of the contract – which equated to a $240,000 saving across two years.

But errors can happen for all sorts of reasons

Here’s another example.

Earlier this year we discovered that one of our customers, a Victorian university, was being charged for demand well above the capacity of the site.

When we dug deeper, we discovered that a demand spike had occurred on the site three years earlier due to meter testing. And the metering provider hadn’t submitted the substituted data.

And the result? The university was being overcharged every month throughout the three years since.

After we made this discovery, we approached the retailer and the distributor with documentation that highlighted the discrepancies. In the end, we secured $111,000 credit to our customer’s account – and ensured no more overcharging would occur.

Have you checked your power bills recently?

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BGL Operations has exclusively used Utilacor over a number of years to re-negotiate its energy contracts. This has included a number of new sites which were acquired. The fact BGL has only used Utilacor testifies to our satisfaction with their expertise and business model.

Adam Port, Group General Manager | BGL


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