smart-meterEnergy Management has represented Utilacor’s core service over 20 years. We recognise that a successful and Sustainable Energy Management Plan requires continual monitoring, control and rectification activities. Energy Management has represented Utilacor’s core service and has evolved over 20 years to being a Sustainable Energy Management Plan or SEMP. Our success is derived from the recognition that true energy management goes beyond overview and analysis and requires continual monitoring, control and rectification activities and be sustainable.

Utilacor works to assist clients to effectively manage the use of peak and off-peak power, maximum demand, power factor, and other aspects of electricity usage to yield substantial energy cost reductions. Depending on the size and nature of the loads at a business site, demand side management opportunities may also exist which could provide an additional income stream for curtailing loads.

Our energy management plan process achieves a detailed and ongoing site review process to deliver actionable solutions by working closely with clients to understand their business processes to achieve long term sustainable efficiency gains and cost reduction.

Utilacor’s energy management systems and knowledge highlight the link between energy performance and productivity. Our kWatch® system can identify inefficient and unproductive consumption characteristics enabling Utilacor to make recommendations to improve energy productivity.  Analysis of energy inefficiencies can also identify equipment failures before they occur, providing opportunity to perform maintenance to improve production uptime, reduce labour and component costs, together with extending the useful life of equipment.

Each month our senior analysts in conjunction with kWatch® collect and collate information and data on energy usage to provide a transparent and detailed monthly reporting service detailing billing errors, ongoing savings and the quality and accuracy of any electricity supply and installation.

Energy Management Services include:

Energy Bills Management

Electricity Bill Validation

Energy bills frequently have errors, not always your retailer’s fault, but nonetheless potentially quite costly. We find and deal with these errors with your retailer or distributor on your behalf. The most common error is meter reading, this can be countered by us closely monitoring your meter data; accessing the raw data and comparing it to the data quoted on your bill. The misapplication of charges is another big area of concern, with so many different network and tariff charges applied differently to businesses for various reasons can be confusing to those not in the energy industry.

Confirm the accuracy of energy usage

Utilacor’s kWatch® system directly accesses your Smart Meter and obtains the actual usage that has been read by your retailer to issue your bill that month.  With this data kWatch® ensures your business is charged exactly for what you have used.  This is an area which is prone to inaccuracies and we regularly identify costly overcharges for our clients.

Confirm the accuracy of each charge on your energy bill

There are a number of different charges from many organisations on your bill e.g. network distributors, meter data agents, retailers, meter providers and regulator/market charges.  All of these charges are applied differently for businesses depending on geographic location, and allocated energy capacity. They are also affected by distribution and transmission losses, which differ across distributors and geographic zones.

All this information is difficult for ordinary businesses to understand, compile, analyse and keep updating as market charges and regulations regularly change, this is part of the Utilacor advantage, we do it all for your business, hassle free.

Error Correction

Given the complexity of modern billing systems, it is unavoidable for your retailer to ensure 100% correct billing for all invoices produced.  The monthly kWatch® analysis help us to identify errors in your invoices that can be caused by missing or incorrect data, misapplied charges or simply an operator input error.

We are able to detect errors that may be too subtle to notice in the short term yet large enough to dictate a considerable saving over the term of your contract.

Identify errors

The accurate and error free way to detect errors in complex electricity accounts is:

  • Independently read the Smart billing meter on site and source the original data. Without doing this, the basis for comparing "billed" to "consumed" data is corrupted
  • kWatch® reads the Smart billing meter remotely, applies your Energy Retail Contract and Network Tariff conditions to the usage data, and recreates your energy account
  • If there are any discrepancies in the data our experienced Analysts investigate them further to find out their source and address the discrepancies depending on their magnitude

Manage errors on your behalf

Our experience allows us to correctly identify the likely source of any error and follow up with the right parties.  We deal with all billing and energy retail and supply contract issues that arise with a retailer or distributor on our clients’ behalf. This concern free approach, saves our clients time and effort as it can be a complex process to resolve issues with retailers. Utilacor has a professional approach and relationship with all retailers and deals with them impartially and for our clients’ benefit.

Monthly Reporting

We provide a transparent and detailed monthly reporting service which details billing errors, ongoing savings and the quality and accuracy of your electricity supply and installation.

Monitor Consumption Patterns

It is a regulatory requirement that businesses who consume >100 Mwh and wish to enter into a market based energy retail contract must have smart meters installed, which can have data accessed remotely by their meter agents, retailers and Utilacor.

This information can be used by Utilacor in advising businesses to take measures in improving energy efficiency; either through the installation of specific energy management products which can reduce energy costs or perhaps change their hours/methods of operation to better take advantage of lower energy retail rates.

Consolidated Monthly Reports

Every month kWatch® collects and collates information on a business’ energy usage which is useful in monitoring many different aspects of energy usage.

kWatch® specifically monitors demand and usage profiles and notifies our Data Analysts of any discrepancies from normal patterns. Another feature of importance is Power Factor which is automatically monitored to ensure it doesn’t fall below acceptable levels.

Any billing anomalies are analysed and acted on by informing the customer about any problems either on the monthly report if it is not of urgent and significant concern or by targeted correspondence if it needs the immediate attention of the client.

Regular Desktop Audits

From the time a client signs up for our kWatch® Energy Management service a historical desktop site audit is undertaken. This audit focuses on any errors which may have occurred on energy bills in the past. This analysis will also highlight any potential efficiency initiatives that could be introduced in the short and medium term. Regular desk top audits are undertaken to identify any long term cost saving strategies which could be implemented.

Sub metering Rental & kWatch® Reporting Service

For the informational needs of multi-site businesses with large or multi-site operations who would like to measure, monitor and report energy consumption.  Performance for multiple locations or machine centres downstream from the main billing meter, or perhaps, require the ability to properly allocate energy costs to cost centres - Utilacor has the answer.

Sub Metering Specifics and Advantages

We can now provide energy management clients with peace of mind using Utilacor's Smart Sub Metering Rental & kWatch® Report Service.

We will provide the following:

  • EDMI Smart Meters
  • Supervise and manage the installation of sub meters by a qualified electrical contractor
  • Testing, Commissioning and maintenance of sub meters
  • Remote meter readings
  • Provision of kWatch® monthly report services
  • On-line access to meter data and quality of supply information

kWatch Reporting

A monthly kWatch® report will be provided by mail and or email detailing the current month's usage data processed by the Main Site billing Smart Meter and each related Sub Meter. Information is presented numerically in dollar cost as well as kWh units. Total energy usage is broken down into peak, off peak, market and network charges etc. for a period of one month for each sub meter and the main meter.

Each kWatch® sub meter report will provide energy costs proportioned to the usage measured by each sub meter with rates calculated according to the Retail Energy contract and Network charges applicable and billed to the Main Site billing Meter. On line remote access to kWatch® monthly sub meter reports, metering data and quality of supply information will be available by secure log on to the Utilacor's website.

Informational Advantage

By having up to date information at your fingertips and being able to allocate energy costs to the appropriate cost centres, you can better manage overall energy consumption. Once you are able to measure the problem you can do something about it. By making changes to work practices or efficiency improvements in a problem area, with Utilacor's kWatch® report service you can measure the effects and know that you are making a difference.



BGL Operations has exclusively used Utilacor over a number of years to re-negotiate its energy contracts. This has included a number of new sites which were acquired. The fact BGL has only used Utilacor testifies to our satisfaction with their expertise and business model.

Adam Port, Group General Manager | BGL


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