A strategic approach to energy efficiency to unlock significant savings for your business

project-meetingWe apply a comprehensive and strategic approach to energy efficiency, through our Commercial Energy Consultants and Electrical Engineers analysing and identifying project opportunities.  These opportunities have attractive payback periods and ongoing reductions in energy consumption to unlock significant savings for businesses. The projects may promote an improved risk management and mitigate market volatility.

With the cost of energy projected to continue to rise due to factors beyond the control of businesses, projects recommended by us may offset these costs through efficiency gains and reduced energy costs.

Utilacor has broad experience in:

  • Generator synchronisation and installation
  • Solar farm installation
  • Connection to grid
  • Embedded networks
  • LED lighting
  • Certain agricultural installations

Utilacor has a proven track record as an authority and valuable resource for businesses looking to improve energy efficiency.

Utilacor also facilitates report generation and submission for Government grants and receipt of funding.  We have experience working directly with Government agencies to develop and progress energy efficiency projects, to ensure eligibility criteria are met and required outcomes delivered to achieve maximum funding.

All projects are initiated with feasibility studies that, depending on the project, include liaison with retailers and distributors to ensure all costs are included in ROI modelling.

Utilacor offers a dedicated service structure with Commercial Energy Consultants being assigned to portfolios to actively manage clients’ needs.  Customer access to the relevant resource is assured through a direct contact point at Utilacor.

Project management services may include:

Energy Supply Connections

For infrastructure construction and connections, Utilacor is able to find the best solutions for your business. We deliver a professional cost effective service with expert advisers.

Power line design and building

We have extensive skills and experience in the power line design and construction. One of our successfully completed projects was a large (6km) privately owned high voltage network in Victoria. Our expertise allows us to undertake project management, installation and design of transformers and power lines.

Sub metering and account management

Our proprietary energy management system called kWatch® gives us the capability to directly read and report on meters. With this capability we are able to provide you with sub-metering solution to assist in the reporting and understanding of separate power areas within your business.

General consulting works

We also undertake feasibility studies for clients when they are looking to have power connected. We can undertake more varied projects including installation of generation, grid synchronization systems and other electrical systems.

Load Side Demand Management

Load Side Demand Management involves a business’ energy management activities to reduce the amount of energy they use or use it more efficiently at off peak times.

  • End-user energy efficiency and conservation measures
  • Load shifting and curtailment (link to feasibility study/standby generator/load shed)
  • Energy contracts that encourage and are tailored to demand management measures
  • Use of standby power generation or green energy options (e.g. solar water heating)

Demand management has several benefits for your business:

  • Reduces the impact of energy price increases
  • Cost effective utilisation of energy infrastructure
  • Reduction in the amount of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improved productivity through efficient use of your energy resources


We have been negotiating our future electricity costs with Utilacor for a number of years, and with information supplied by you we have been able to pinpoint the best time to test the electricity market. ... Over the past years Utilacor discovered overcharge situations that enabled us to save tens of thousands of dollars on our electricity costs.

Gabor Hilton, Engineering Manager | Oxford Cold Storage


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So much more than an Energy Broker, Utilacor's energy management services can transform your energy usage, significantly lower your costs and help you implement sustainable solutions.

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