efficiencyForward thinking businesses are taking the responsibility of future energy needs on board by taking advantage of available energy efficiency schemes and installation of the latest technology.  With a worldwide focus on developing smarter and cleaner energy methods, Utilacor can help you develop your energy sustainability plans.

Energy Efficient Products and Solutions

Energy efficiency means using the least amount of the total generated energy as possible for as much work as possible, with the most energy used being the total amount of energy that was generated.

Because of the complexity of modern energy networks, there are losses at every stage of transmission, most of which cannot be prevented but some can be countered with careful management especially at the user end of the network. Even governments are taking steps to urge distributors and generators to do the same.

End user businesses can also take steps to address their own efficiency issues and not only ease the burden on the network, but also cut their energy costs and improve their sustainability record.

Mechanical Solutions

  • Power factor correction analysis and rectification equipment
  • Next generation efficiency products for all types of uses
  • Demand allocation systems

Planning Solutions

  • HVAC audits are essential to improve the energy efficiency of an HVAC system. And sometimes all it takes is making certain that installed equipment operates properly and at peak efficiency instead of rushing to replace them. 
  • Developing an energy efficiency strategy that every employee can participate in, with guidelines and specific actions to be taken by specific stakeholders (i.e. lights out policies, synchronising energy intensive operations, load shedding etc.)
  • Utilacor’s expert team of engineers can perform assessment and evaluate your business to develop a unique efficiency plan to deal with the businesses challenges


BGL Operations has exclusively used Utilacor over a number of years to re-negotiate its energy contracts. This has included a number of new sites which were acquired. The fact BGL has only used Utilacor testifies to our satisfaction with their expertise and business model.

Adam Port, Group General Manager | BGL


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