Energy Management Agreements (EMA)

The Energy Management Agreement provides you with access to a full suite of management services. Did you know that energy bills often contain errors that can be very costly to your business? As your energy management service provider, we have the expertise, data and technology to:

  • Check the accuracy of your monthly energy bills
  • Uncover billing errors that inevitably occur
  • Recover costs on your behalf
  • Identify the source of those errors
  • Reduce costs.

Energy projects

We provide project management and consulting services for all types of energy related initiatives including:

• Solar and renewable generation
• Diesel generation
• LV / HV conversions and power factor correction
• Supply upgrades
• Wholesale feasibility studies and tenders
We can also perform work on a ad hoc basis through hourly consulting work.
1. Feasibility Studies
• Be sure you are making the right decision with the right information
2. Tenders
• Make sure you get the best price
3. Project Management
• Take the stress out of energy by leveraging our expert Project Managers
4. Reporting
• Make sure your project is delivering for the business and unlock any further opportunities.